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Buying a New Home from Plans & Models

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Advice from the Canadian Home Builder's Association

When you buy a brand new home, you will most likely make your decision based on the builder's plans or model homes, or a combination of the two.

This requires careful thought and attention. It can be challenging to visualize what your home will look like when built, or imagine what it will be like to live in. It's also important to understand what is included with your purchase and what's not, down to the smallest detail.

Experienced salespeople believe there are two keys to successful home buying from plans and models.

First and foremost, deal with a professional new home builder—someone who has a solid reputation and professional sales staff who will work closely with you throughout the buying process. Secondly, don't rush. Take time to consider all aspects of your purchase, and ask lots of questions. The more information you have, the easier it is to eliminate uncertainties.

This article will review:

  • Construction quality
  • Floor plans
  • Features and finishes
  • Lots
  • Contracts

Read the full article at - http://www.chba.ca/buying/steps-owning-new/deciding-home/buying-plans.aspx

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