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Crucial Questions Home Buyers Should Ask Sellers Before Moving In

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Moving into a new home can be as exasperating as it can be exciting. Even though you may be in love with the home you've just bought, it's going to take some time before you know it well. Sooner or later, you're bound to find yourself cluelessly floundering about looking for something you can't find, or will need some direction on the peculiarities of the house.

We'd like to offer you a chance to circumvent some of the challenges of owning a new home by sharing with you the few questions you should be certain to ask the home-seller before moving in.

Keeping in mind that some sellers might be tight-lipped if your questions seem like they may implicate the sale, so you're best to ask these questions near the end of the home buying process; like during the walk-through, or at closing. There's nothing quite like the wisdom of experience, so if you have the opportunity to speak with people who have been living there for years, go ahead and ask them some questions. You'll be surprised at what you'll learn!

Does the home have any quirks?

The home inspection that has, no doubt been done, would have already pointed out any oddities that would be unsafe or unacceptable, but that doesn't mean that the home doesn't have at least a few unique characteristics worth knowing about. This is a question that is best asked during the final walk-through, so do ask your REALTOR® if it's possible for the home-sellers to be present at that time.

A good way to phrase this is, "I'm wondering if you can tell me anything about the peculiarities of living here? Such as, unexpected places for light switches, or outlets, windows or doors that have a way they prefer to be opened, or even things to be mindful of during certain times of the year, like sap dripping onto cars or outdoor furniture. Be subtle, but don't shy away from asking all the questions you might think of. This is your one shot!

Where To Go In Case of Emergency?

For the sake of safety, it's important that you ensure that you know where all the shut-off valves are for the various systems in your house are. They may have been pointed out to you during the walk-through, or on the home inspector's evaluation, but do a double check, upon final walk through.

Be sure that you can locate and work the water shut-off valve, sump pump, circuit box, water heater, and HVAC control panel before the home is officially in your possession.

How Do They Like the Neighbourhood?

This topic will likely come up casually if you have a chance to speak with the home-seller, but make sure that this conversation does indeed come up. Keep it light by simply asking the seller, "Tell me about the neighborhood."

When this topic is approached conversationally, most likely all of the good, the bad and the ugly will come out naturally. And while you've got them talking, you can also ask the seller for their recommendations on local restaurants, shops or favorite hang-outs. This can be an excellent way to begin the process of discovering your new surroundings.

Would They Like To Leave Anything Behind?

This question doesn't necessarily pertain to your new home, but it might result in a nice bonus or two, especially if a nice rapport has been built with the sellers. You will never know unless you ask, and a lot of times it's just easier to leave things like large potted plants or pieces of unused furniture behind.

Most things that are being left behind, such as appliances, will already be outlined in the original contract, but as closing time approaches, the sellers will often want to unload a few extra things to make the move easier. You might just get lucky and end up with a piece or two for your new Ucluelet home!

We are always excited for new home-owners to Start Living in Ukee, and if there is anything we can do to help you make your move to Ucluelet easier, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

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