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The Ucluelet Volunteer Fire Brigade Needs Your Help!

The Ucluelet Firefighters Association First Responders are raising money for better tools to assist us with our rescues so we can better serve our community when in need. In the past this has been a fun and enjoyable activity for us to do almost entirely involving gatherings with the community. Due to COVID 19 fundraising has become exceedingly difficult. In the past we have raised money to purchase things like utility vehicles for accessing patients who need our help in hard to access locations especially along the Wild Pacific Trail.

We have made great progress with raising funds in the past however we are always in need of new tools to be at the top of our game and better serve our community and visitors.

This year we are seeking donations to acquire a battery-operated rescue tool called the Combi Tool (photo below), which is like the Jaws of Life. In the past, tools such as this were operated via hydraulic lines connected to a gas-powered hydraulic pump. This new generation of tool is battery operated and therefore much quicker, quieter, and cleaner to deploy as there is no need to be tethered to a power source. There are so many uses for this tool and I have listed a few of them below:

Extrication of trapped or seriously injured people from damaged vehicles after motor vehicle incidents
Lifting vehicles, trees, or other heavy articles to assist in extrication of trapped people
Forcible entry into buildings for firefighting purposes
This tool is able to both cut and spread
The tool can be used while completely submerged under water

Sounds great right! Get the job done fast and safely is the goal! The price today is $15,500 and if we can raise the money before March 1st, we get a $2,000 discount! We are aware that these times are difficult for many, if you can help us with a donation, we would be most grateful.

With your donation, we are one step closer to providing quicker response times to help those in need of rescue.

Sincerely, Your Ucluelet Fire Fighter’s
Combi Tool for the Ucluelet FirefightersVolunteer firefighters of Ucluelet

Donation Form

Donation Form

* Simply fill out the above form and then click the Pay Now button to be brought to our secure page to make your online donation. If you need help in anyway please call Marcie Gray at 250-380-8405.


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