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End-of-Summer Home Maintenance Check List

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Summer is winding down, so now is a great time to deal with any home maintenance issues you’ve put on the back burner. It’s easier to do them now, before they become a bigger problem in the colder months! Here are the top five to-dos I recommend for the end of summer:

1.  Clean your gutters and trim back your trees.

This may seem counter-intuitive as leaves will be falling this autumn, but it’s precisely for that reason you should make sure gutters are clear of dirt and debris. Trimming overhanging branches will help prevent rodents from creeping from trees into your attic as the temperature drops.

2.  Clean your garbage cans.

Since this is an outside job, take advantage of the waning days of summer sunshine. Start with a good rinsing (if you have access to a pressure washer, you’re ahead of the game here), then use a sponge mop and a strong earth-friendly cleaner (because run-off will go down gutter drains) to scour the interior walls of your garbage can. As an added measure, you can consider spraying with an anti-bacterial spray to help reduce lingering odors.

3.  Wash windows.

This is a big job that also takes advantage of a nice day outdoors. Wipe the sashes around the windows with a damp cloth to remove dust and cobwebs inside and out, and then clean the windows themselves. It’s a good idea to invest in a squeegee as this makes the project faster and more efficient.

4.  Check outside water spigots for leaks.

Not only does a leaky faucet obviously waste water, but it can also cause water damage in your foundation and/or your basement. In addition, if you live in a place with frosty winter temperatures, it’s a recipe for burst pipes. As an added precaution, shut off and drain exterior faucets in later months when the temperatures approach the freezing mark.

Read more at - https://www.womenandco.com/article/home-maintenance-your-top-5-end-of-summer-to-dos.jsp

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