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Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space

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It's already August and summer is already half over.  Most Canadians would say that our summers are too short, and they would be right!  We have a little bit of a break of the wintery wonderland the rest of the country experiences here on the west coast.  September is often a warm and sunny month followed by a long autumn, mild winter and early spring.  Although our winter weather can sometimes be threatening (very windy and wet), there are always sunny days scattered throughout all the seasons and we can still enjoy our outdoor living spaces year round.

Here is a great article from HuffPost Living Canada with tips on creating the perfect patio and enhancing your outdoor living space.


Entertaining friends, family and neighbours on your own patio is a great way to bask the warm weather, and even if you don’t want to play host or hostess, your backyard is the perfect place to relax with a good book or a refreshing drink.

Creating the perfect patio is always easy so we’ve asked several outdoor designers and landscapers to give us their best advice on setting up an outdoor space you’ll love to spend your summers in.


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