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Finding the Right Ucluelet Home for You and Your Family

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Moving isn't the easiest task in the world, but it certainly is life-changing. We want to help you be sure that you are buying the right Ucluelet home for you and your family.

Before diving into the real estate market in search of your perfect future home, it's important to have a good handle on what exactly your needs are now, what they might be in the years to come and a good understanding of which people can help you on your way to happy home ownership.

Your needs

What's important to you is important to us. We want to help you find the home you've been dreaming of, so figuring out the things that are most important to you in your new home and neighbourhood is of the utmost importance.

Perhaps you're seeking a new home now, but the make-up of your family may change over time, or even your needs and desires.  In an adaptable home, space can be arranged and re-arranged without expensive retrofits and renovations. CMHC has included a "Home Features Checklist" to help you think about what you need today, and what you may need in the future.

Possible Future Needs

You will certainly be a part of the neighbourhood that you will join, so be sure that the future of your family and their growing needs and desires can be filled by the community you choose.  Ucluelet homes are incredible for the one fact that you get the best of all worlds. The Ucluelet community is surrounded by so many wonderful wilderness advantages while still providing families with all the services they could possibly need.

If you've always wanted to be close to nature in Canada but were concerned about access to amenities, then look no further!  For such a small population, Ucluelet boasts access to all the necessary and superfluous conveniences you have grown accustomed to.  From the fantastic Ucluelet Community Centre to the world's first catch-and-release Aquarium, many restaurants, medical care both allopathic and alternative... Ucluelet is truly life on the cutting edge.

Professionals who can help you on your way

Even if this isn’t your first homebuying experience, you’ll want to get help from a team of professionals. Having the help of professionals will give you experienced and knowledgeable people for reliable information and answers to your questions. These are the people who can help you:

  • Lenders or mortgage broker
  • Lawyer or notary
  • Insurance broker
  • Home inspector
  • Appraiser
  • Land surveyor
  • Builder or contractor

Use this handy "Your Team of Professionals" worksheet from the CMHC when you assemble your team.  It will help you keep on top of it all.

Of course you will need a well qualified REALTOR®. RE/MAX agents sell more real estate and that's why you've come to us. Our job is really to:

  • Help you find the ideal home
  • Write an Offer of Purchase
  • Negotiate to help you get the best possible deal
  • Give you important information about the community
  • Help you arrange a home inspection

A survey completed by RE/MAX found that 95% of RE/MAX customers report overall satisfaction with their RE/MAX Sales Associate, 92% say they will use RE/MAX again and 93% will recommend RE/MAX to others. This is, by far, the highest rating in the real estate business.

If you would like even more in-depth information about finding the right Ucluelet Home for you and your family, the helpful people at Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation have laid out the basics in full detail. Check out this fantastic full article on CMHC's (Canadian Mortgage & Housing Corporation) website:


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at the Gray Team.

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