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Halloween Safety Tips

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Halloween is a fun holiday, especially for kids.  As your little ones dress up in their most terrifying (and more likely ridiculously adorable) costumes and hit the streets for some serious trick or treating, consider a few Halloween safety tips to ensure they stay safe and have the most fun possible.

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Don’t go trick-or-treating alone.  Smaller children should be accompanied by an adult and older kids should go in groups.

  • If your older children are going out alone, have a planned route before they depart.
  • Put reflective tape on part of the custom or on their loot bag so they’re visible to drivers.
  • Remind your kids to look both ways and to try to use a crosswalk before crossing the street and although they are on a mission to collect as much candy as possible...to resist the urge to run and WALK across the street.
  • Make sure the costume fits properly and that they can see well through their masks.  You don’t want them to trip, fall, or run into something while they’re happily halloweening.
  • Many steps will have candle-lit jack-o-lanterns or other decorations.  Remind your kids to stay clear of these and make sure they’re wearing flame-resistant costumes.
  • It might seem like torture for your kids, but don’t allow them to eat any of their candy before you are able to go through it and inspect it thoroughly.

Most importantly:  HAVE FUN!

Happy Halloween!

The Gray Team

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