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Ucluelet: Health Benefits of Living by the Ocean

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Fresh Air

Everyone knows that fresh air is good for you!  The ocean air on the west coast of Vancouver Island is just about as fresh as it gets.  Did you know that sea air is charged with healthy negative ions that accelerate our ability to absorb oxygen?  That is why we feel so great and why a day out on the beach usually means a night of sleeping soundly!

These negative ions also help balance levels of serotonin which can help relieve stress and lift your mood.  Most people travel to the ocean to take in this fresh sea air and leave feeling relaxed and energized.  In Ucluelet, we get these benefits every day!

Waves of Relaxation

The sound of waves has always been able to lull us into a state of relaxation.  Lying on the beach listening to the constant lapping of waves onto the shore can easily put us to sleep.  These wave patterns are known to alter the wave patterns in our brain, which is why we are lulled into this deep relaxation.  Some people buy CD’s with ocean and nature sounds on them to help them relax...what if you got the same affect just sitting on your deck?

Healing Waters

Although the temperature of the Pacific Ocean in our part of the world is quite cold, some still choose to put on a neoprene wetsuit and go into the water for a swim, surf, boogie board, or paddle board session.  There are great health benefits to exposing yourself to sea water.  In fact, many healing therapies and spa treatment products are derived from the ocean.  Sea water contains healthy minerals and components like calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium.

These minerals help heal wounds more quickly, reduce pain, calm the mind, improve skin condition and flush out harmful toxins in our bodies.  There is something fantastically refreshing about submerging in the ocean.  The taste of salt water on your lips, the cool and clean water on your skin; all of these nutrient rich components give you the ingredients for a healthy, long life.

Exercise and Recreation

It is easier to get outside and get active when you are surrounded by such dramatic and breathtaking nature.  Step outside your front door and go for a long walk on the beach.  Climb over ocean rocks, explore the intertidal life in pools at low tide.  Take up surfing, kayaking, or even stand-up paddle boarding all great exercise and very beneficial to your health.  Most people travel far to have a few days of this kind of lifestyle.  When you live by the ocean, it becomes your daily life.

We are fortunate to be near the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.  It is a jogger’s delight as you’ll have the opportunity to run along 16km of sand swept coastline.  Running on hard sand at lower tides helps you burn calories without the harmful shock to your knees, hips, and back you get when running on pavement.  The view and your natural surrounding are absolutely stunning.  You will love it.

Oceanfront Property

Owning your oceanfront property is easier than you might think.  Condo suite units at properties like Black Rock Oceanfront Resort and Water’s Edge Resort offer ocean views with opportunities for investment, additional income, and all of the health benefits of seaside living.

Build your dream home at Oceanwest, Ucluelet's waterfront community development.  Pick out your oceanfront or rainforest lot and start reaping the benefits of living by the ocean.

Kind Regards,

The Gray Team

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