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Home Staging for the Holidays

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The holiday season is upon us and your house is on the market.   You want to take advantage of the nostalgic feelings, decorations and good cheer that Christmas brings with this time of year and make your home warmly appealing to potential buyers.

Here are some tips for home staging over the holidays.

Exterior Staging

Keep the exterior decorations minimal, but noticeable and classy.  Consider hanging a wreath on the front door to welcome potential buyers when they come to view your house.  Brighten up your entrance with elegant white lights or if you have a covered porch, decorate it with a few poinsettias.

You want to take advantage of the nostalgic sights, sounds, and feelings of the holidays.  Be tasteful and careful not to overdo it.

Interior Staging

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Ornament Hanging from Decorated Christmas Tree

Feel free to decorate your house for the holidays as you normally would, but don’t use all of your decorations this year.  Make sure surfaces like bookshelves and coffee tables don’t look too cluttered.  Show off your homes features by accenting them with festive decor, but make sure you are not hiding sellable features.

Walk into each room after decorating and ask yourself if it looks cluttered.  Remember that too many decorations will make your spaces look cluttered, crowded, and smaller.

Choose from your ornament and decoration collection carefully.  Make sure the ones you choose to put out don’t clash with the colours of your home or with each other.  Although they are often holiday favourites, think twice about putting out anything that flashes, sings, moves, or shouts ‘ho ho ho!’; especially if it’s triggered by a motion sensor.

Bake cookies a few hours before a scheduled viewing.  Everyone loves the smell of Christmas baking when they walk into the door.  Bake something that smells especially festive with ingredients like cinnamon, cloves, and ginger.  If it is appropriate, put out a plate of freshly baked cookies and have spicy smelling cider simmering in the kitchen.

When you are staging your home for a sale, during the holidays or not, it’s important to always keep your house immaculately clean, clutter free, and neutral.  You want visitors to be able to imagine their furniture, things, and lives in your home.

Happy Holidays!

The Gray Team

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