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Important Home Repairs to Make Before Selling

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If you are considering selling your home, or if you are already in the process of selling your home, perhaps to make a move to beautiful Ucluelet, BC., then we want you to help you on your way by outlining the most important things you should spend your precious time and money on to get the best bang for your buck.

The wear and tear that happens to a home over the years often happens so gradually over the years that it can be easy to miss a lot of it. But since you are thinking about selling, the state of your home has likely come to the forefront of your mind. You know that there are many little things that could use some TLC...

So, what things should you consider for home repairs?

Taking care of the most important home repairs before selling your house will get more money into your pocket, which is why we recommend taking care of these repairs before you list your home:

1. Paint

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to update the look of your home before you list it is to apply a fresh coat of paint. If you are crunched for time, a professional painter will certainly be your best bet, but there are a plethora of videos online that will break down the painting process for you to be able to learn how to do it for yourself.

As a general rule, light and neutral colours are preferred when you are selling a home because they are likely to appeal to a wider group of people. Keeping the styling basic will allow potential buyers to see the space, instead of just the colour. Plus, it’s easier to repaint over a fresh white wall than it is to cover a bold blue.

Rooms that will benefit most from a coat of paint are the ones with dark, chipped or dirty paint.
If you happen to have wallpaper anywhere in your home, it is almost always a good idea to remove it. Wallpaper dates a home. You may assume that buyers will simply look past it, or perhaps accept an allowance for removing the wallpaper, but getting rid of the wallpaper is all about the first impression. You want potential buyers to remember all the benefits of your home, not the work that needs to be done to make it their own.

2. Exterior

As far as first impressions go, the exterior of your home is king. It truly is the first thing that buyers will see, so making it look good is imperative.

Clean up any junk that may have accumulated around the house and/or shed. Replace any missing fence boards. If your grass has seen better days, a layer of sod will surely enliven your yard. Make sure the grass is mowed, the gardens are weeded and the hose is wrapped up before anyone comes to view your home. Keeping your garden simple and alive is a real win, as it makes a home look homey.

A few other things to look out for are missing shingles or moss growth on the roof, as well as broken siding. These are all things that buyers will notice. Patching these things up before the viewings start will prevent questions from being asked later.

3. Kitchen

Since the kitchen is the heart of the house this room surely benefits from being well cared for. People use their kitchens every day for cooking and they will often like to imagine themselves entertaining guests in their new home, and even if your kitchen isn’t large and spacious, there are a few simple things that will make it feel warm and inviting.

Some minor repairs that will appeal to the buyers are a fresh coat of paint, effective and efficient lighting and up-to-date countertops. All of these can be changed without much financial investment. If you do not have much counter space, perhaps look into pricing on granite countertops, as the prices have dropped in recent years, and the appeal of a clean, solid counter in a kitchen is high.

When it comes to the appliances, replacing them is generally not necessary so long as they are all working. Not having to buy and move new appliances can be a major motivating factor for potential buyers!

4. Bathroom

In the bathroom, everything should be clean and working as it should. If there are any problems with a running toilet or leaky faucets, make these repairs a necessity. Replacing an old toilet seat is an easy upgrade to do, as well as cleaning up or replacing the tile grout. Any missing tiles should be replaced, and as will any other room, a fresh coat of paint will do wonders.

5. Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are without a doubt one of the most popular flooring selections these days. The look of wood floors can dramatically change the look and style of a home, for the better. So this means that when you are selling your home, you might want to consider re-finishing your floors to have them looking their best.

There is something spectacular about a space with a well-finished hardwood floor, and the return on investment for this kind of task is very high. We recommend giving your floors at least a good scrub if you don’t have hardwood. It’s an inexpensive task that will surely make your space more inviting.

6. Functionality

Making sure that every door knob, lock, window and light in your home works as it should will save you a ton of time and energy when it comes time for the inevitable home inspection. All it takes is for a few broken things to be found to start driving down the price of your home down, so getting them fixed before showing your home is truly ideal.

More home sales fall apart at the time of home inspection than at any other time during the house selling process. You can familiarize yourself with the most common home inspection issues here, and take care of any potential problems before the home inspector even has a chance to find them.

If you don’t have an unlimited budget for home repairs, start with the most accessible options from those mentioned above and do your best. It is not wise to leave the home repairs for the buyer if you are looking to get the most money you can for your house.

(If there are any major issues such as foundation cracks, a broken heating system or a leaking roof, do take care of these issues first.)

Please keep in mind that these suggestions are meant to provide general advice on what works for many people. We at the Gray Team are always happy to talk with you about your specific home and give you more targeted advice to get you the best results when selling your home. Please feel free to contact us if you’re ready to start making the repairs needed to get your house on the market and SOLD!

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