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Keep Your Home Sale On Track!

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Home sellers! Selling your home means being prepared.

We want to help you get to closing day goal line with as minimal effort and maximum enjoyment, so we at the Gray Team have collaborated to collect all of our best tips for making your closing day happen with ease.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, sometimes we don't have the luxury of time on your side, and you need to get the home sold yesterday. But in our opinion, the most important things you can do to prevent delays in selling your Ucluelet home, start before even listing your home.

The first thing you will want to do is to obtain a preliminary home inspection to detect defects prior to placing your home on the market.

This pre-list inspection will likely set you back about $300, but from this evaluation you will receive a detailed report that will allow you to address any issues before your home even goes on the market. By taking care of any defects prior to showing the home, you will show any potential buyers that the home is ready-to-go. Home buyers generally buy more quickly when a home when all known issues have been addressed. The home buyer may still want to have another home inspection done, you already having proof of your home's fixes and foibles will certainly bring you closer to your Ucluelet home selling goals, faster!

Some might advise against a pre-listing inspection, but from our experience, a savvy homebuyer will have an inspection done anyways, and dealing with a home buyer and the contractors will almost always make the process more stressful and expensive. By getting the home repairs done beforehand, you will be able to hand over a copy of the home inspection and the records of the completed repairs, which is  great way to soothe buyer’s nerves and move the sale forward.

Pricing your home correctly when your house hits the market is absolutely essential.

We will certainly help guide you in this respect, as there are market values for homes that are known, and trying to get more money because of the work you've put into a space, does not necessarily bode well for home sales.

Strange but true: Overpriced homes tend to sell for a smaller percentage of the original list price.

Prepare your home for viewing prior to listing.

The golden rule for home selling is to make the home as livable as possible, so that the home buyers will be able to imagine themselves slipping into a new home and a new life without hassle.

Since you want to keep your home on the fast track to selling, you want to have a truly beautiful atmosphere before anyone makes an appointment. You get just one chance to make a first impression, and if a potential home buyer calls the very first day your house is listed, but your gardens are all in shambles and the floors haven't been washed in a month... then you're going to need a whole crew to get it into tip-top selling shape, and fast!

Get the whole house clean and de-cluttered as soon as possible. Hire some help or get your gang to offer some hands.

We can't stress enough that a home that looks and is ready for move-in will sell much faster than a fixer-upper. There are plenty of things that you can do to get your home into shape in no time flat: Clean, de-clutter, and paint.

Trust the Professionals

Let the people that you hired to get your home sold get the job done themselves. Some homeowners think that by being around during home showings they will be able to assist or answer questions. It can make the home-buyer uncomfortable if the home-seller is present. So do your best to hire professionals that you trust, and make yourself scarce during the home inspection, appraisals and showings.

Our number one tip for sellers to keep their home sale on track…Don’t get personally and emotionally involved. It’s your home, it’s full of warm memories, sure. But to the buyer, it’s a house.

The buyer is making a huge financial decision; they are probably nervous and stressed. This is their time to be critical, to inspect the house and find fault. They are trying to make sure they have thought of everything. After they settle and move in, guess what? They’ll make it a home and become personally attached to it, just like you are now. So, the best thing for a seller to do now is to detach emotionally.

If you have any further questions about selling your Ucluelet home, please feel free to let us know!

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