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New Year - New Goals for Homeowners

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Article from Yahoo! Finance

6 New Year's resolutions for Homeowners

By Marcie Geffner | Bankrate.com

The start of a new year is a popular time to make resolutions: promises to yourself to achieve specific goals and objectives. Financially speaking, you might want to pay off debt, build up savings, prepare for retirement or better manage your daily spending in 2013.

Those are good goals to have, and if you're a homeowner or intend to become one this year, your house might give you some great ways to bring your goals to fruition.

Here are six New Year's resolutions to put on your list.

  • Make Extra Mortgage Payments
  • Pay Off Your Second Mortgage
  • Refinance Your Mortgage
  • Investigate Your Property Tax Assessment
  • Score Homeowners Insurance Discounts
  • Make Your Mortgage Payments on Time

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