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Pacific Rim National Park: Rainforest Trail

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Walk into a world of green where the air is thick with moisture, and the sunlight peaks through tiny holes in the giant green canopy above you.  You could have just walked into prehistoric times, the trees grow into the sky, and every leaf seems gigantic.  The noise of the highway is muted as soon as you enter the Rainforest Walk in the Pacific Rim National Park.  All you can hear are birds and the occasional sound of rushing water from an underground stream.

As you descend along the boardwalks of the Rainforest Trail you will come across interpretive signs that explain the recipes of a coastal temperate rainforest and learn about the incredibly rich ecosystem that exists here.  Take a moment to breathe in the dewy air as you read the signs, view the mossy trunks, and touch the ancient trees.

The trail consists of two loops on either side of the Pacific Rim Highway.  Both are about a kilometre in length.  Recently, Loop B, the trail that is connected to the main parking lot of the Rainforest Trail area has been closed due to weather damage on the boardwalk.  Please make sure you check that it is open before attempting to hike this trail.  Loop A is located across the highway from the parking lot.  Please be safe when crossing the highway.

This loop takes you deep into gullies and allows you to view the rainforest from different levels.  You will see enormous western red cedar, western hemlock, and amabilis fir.  From their branches you’ll find all kinds of ferns, moss and shrubs, growing down like natural drapes at every available surface.  Have a close look at their root systems as some have grown above ground, displaying intertwined knots.

Enjoy your time in this trail as it boasts a kind of forest that is rare in the world.  We are so proud to have it in our very own Pacific Rim National Park and it is very lucky to have it so close to Ucluelet, close to home.

Happy Trails!

The Gray Team

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