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RE/MAX Sellers Guide

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Tips from the RE/MAX Canada's "Fit to Sell" Sellers Guide

Buy or sell first?

Deciding whether to buy or sell first can be tricky. If your RE/MAX agent finds a buyer for your existing home, before you've found a new one, you may find yourself living out of a suitcase if convenient closing dates cannot be negotiated. If you find your dream home before you sell your old one, you may be forced to carry two mortgages at the same time.

To manage the buying and selling process speak to your real estate agent and start your new home search as soon as your existing home hits the market.

Your agent can assist you whether you've already bought your next home or if you're still looking. The use of clauses in the Purchase and Sale agreement such as, "sale of your existing home" or "purchase of a new home" can be added as conditions to agreements to ensure that you are not without a place to live. Using the "sale of your existing home" can affect your negotiating power as it is a difficult decision for many sellers to agree on.

There are many reasons why people choose to sell their homes, but every seller has one thing in common: to sell their home for the highest amount possible, in the shortest amount of time.

When you are ready to sell your home, take inventory of the reasons why you are choosing to sell. These factors will help play into looking for your new home, as well as give ideas for staging and small upgrades.

See more at - http://www.remax.ca/editorial/fit-to-sell/seller%E2%80%99s-guide/

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