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Smart Renovations: Whether You're Selling or Staying

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Some renovations are better investments than others.  Before pouring in the time, money, stress and inconvenience of a major renovation, it's important to know what your end goals are.  Are the renovations part of your plan for selling, will they boost your property value in the long run?  Or will they just boost your own enjoyment of your home?  There are some major renovations that will do both!

According to Wall Street Cheat Sheet, the following home improvement projects will show the best return on investment, measured with the most personal value:

  1. Kitchen renovations
  2. Remodeling the bathroom
  3. Adding liveable space
  4. Painting
  5. Improving curb appeal

For more details and to read the full article, follow the link: http://wallstcheatsheet.com/life/5-smart-housing-rehabs-whether-youre-staying-or-selling.html/

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