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Tips for a Successful Summertime Move

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Did you know that Canada Day long weekend is the most popular time to move in Canada? Summertime is, without a doubt, the peak moving season. Since children and college students are done school for the season, moving somewhere between June and August is ideal for most families. The weather is (usually) nice and days are longer. However, a summertime move does have its challenges. We've compiled some helpful tips so that you can plan ahead to ensure that you can have a successful move this summer.

Plan Ahead For Your Summertime Move

You do not want to wait till the last minute to plan things for your moving day. Since summertime is the most popular season for moving to a new home, shipping containers, moving vans, and movers are all in high demand. Movers are not only more busy during the summer, but it costs more to hire them.

From the moment you know you will be relocating, start planning the logistics for your move. Start researching credible, professional movers in your area. The cost of the moving company is not always the most reliable marker when it comes to trusting a company to move your precious belongings. You'll want to research the company's reputation. Check out their testimonials, their policy on in-home estimates and guaranteed pricing. No one likes the added stress of a last-minute, moving-day surprise from the moving company.

Pack Ahead Of Time

In the same way, you should pick your moving team early and start packing your boxes a minimum of 1 month ahead of time. Start by boxing up those things you won't need or seasonal items. Take your time, especially with breakables and multi-piece items. You don't want to arrive at your new home, open up boxes, and be greeted with broken items or missing pieces. When you take items apart, put things like screws, nuts, bolts, brackets, and other small items in containers or Ziploc bags. Make sure you clearly label them and keep them together. Before you unplug any electronic devices, consider taking a picture of them. That way, you can refer back to the photo to know what the hook-ups look like for easy reassembly. This will save you a lot of time and confusion when you arrive in your new home.

Don't do things last minute with such a big task as moving day. Don't underestimate the amount of time it will take to get things done. This is a big job. Consider making a moving timeline and checklist to help keep yourself on track.

Choose The Day Wisely

Three-day long weekends are wonderful to enjoy in the summer, but they are a terrible choice for a moving day. Moving companies are less likely to be available on a holiday weekend, or if they are, they will be more expensive. You will also have to deal with more traffic. Did you forget anything? If you need to run to the store, you'll likely be waiting in line. As a rule, avoid long weekends if at all possible for your summertime move.

Start Early To Beat The Heat

The West Coast's moist and humid climate could make your moving day hot, sticky, sweaty, and downright uncomfortable. Beat the summer heat by starting early. Make sure you have lots of water on hand for the movers and yourself! Consider setting up a portable fan for some extra airflow. If you can turn on the air-conditioning in your new home before you arrive, if you're moving nearby, do so. If you're moving from afar, turn the a/c on as soon as you arrive. Benefit from a bearable climate while you work hard to move into your new home.

Dress Smart For Your Summertime Move

Don't worry about fashion and looking good for your summertime move.  You're moving, and you need to think practically. Ditch the cute sundress and flip-flops. Instead, wear clothing you can move easily and safely in. Dress in lightweight, breathable fabrics so you won't sweat as much. Avoid synthetic materials, so you don't overheat. Try not to wear dark colours which attract sunlight. Instead, wear white or neutral colours. Find a pair of good sturdy shoes that will support your feet and ankles as you lift heavy boxes.

Keep Your Electronics Cool

Pack your electronics wisely so the summer heat won't damage them. Pack each item separately (smartphones, TVs, laptops, computers, appliances, etc.) and keep them in an air-conditioned space as much as possible. Your electronics should be the last items on the moving truck and the first ones to be taken off. Or, if you can, bring them with you in your air-conditioned vehicle.

Other items like candles, aerosol cans, CDs, photos, and paint can also be damaged if they are trapped in a hot moving truck for hours. There is nothing worse than finding a goopy mess in the boxes you've worked so hard to pack. Keeping your heat-sensitive belongings safe and cool will help keep your move stress-free.


The summer months are a popular time to move for a reason. Although the heat can bring its challenges, there's no reason why you can't enjoy a successful summertime move with the proper preparation. We hope these tips prove helpful to you as you look forward to your summer moving day.

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