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Tips for Homebuyers - Open House Visit Preparation

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Prepare for Open House Visits

If you're looking for a new home, you have probably already begun visiting open houses, and you may have noticed that it can become a little over-whelming to remember everything you need to look for in each home.

We have compiled a list of tips below to help make your house-hunting experience more efficient and successful. So the next time you're visiting an open house, be sure to bring this article along!

The decision to move to a new home is quite a significant one, especially if this will be your first home after renting for years, or if you are making a long-distance move. There is so much to think about when making this kind of life-altering change, especially in the realms of financing, and paper work for selling your current home, let alone locating the right house for you and your family! Keep in mind that although all the particulars of home buying are certainly important, the most important thing is finding a home that you will be happy and comfortable in for years to come.

Before you find the perfect place for you and your family, you will likely be seeing a multitude of other homes before the right match is made. Taking the time to see a variety of homes will help you to establish what it is that you like in a home, and what you don't like. Since you only have a small amount of time in each home, you want to be sure that you take note of the details of each house, because after a few open houses, the details will begin to blend together. This is particularly true if you are visiting more than one home in a day.

So you know that you need to take in as much detail as possible while on each property, but what are the truly important details to make note of?  Well, here are a few ideas:

Before You Go

If you are well prepared walking into each open house, you will certainly come across as someone who knows what they are looking for - which is a strong position to have in the case of a major purchase such as a home.

Be sure to bring a measuring tape, notebook or device for taking notes, and a camera. (the one on your cell phone will likely be just fine) Take notes, room by room, about:

  • What do you notice about the size, shape and condition of the space?
  • Is there ample storage space?
  • How is the lighting in each room? (Natural and artificial)
  • Is there any unpleasant smell?
  • Do you notice any repairs that must be done?
  • Do the faucets work well and do the sinks drain properly?
  • Are the stairs squeaky?
  • Are there any markings or cracks indicative of water or foundation damage?
  • Do the doors, windows, cupboards and drawers all open and close properly?
  • Is the exterior of the home in good shape? Check the gutters, spouts, and drainage!
  • Is the roof in good condition?

By noting these important aspects of the home, and taking photos (with the REALTOR'S® permission) you will be better able to decipher between each of the homes that you've seen on your foray through the homebuyers open house circuit. This will, in the end, prove to same you from the over-whelming confusion that can come from having so many things to think about because of this move you and your loved ones are making.

We are always happy to show you around the spectacular homes that are available to own right here in beautiful Ucluelet, BC. Please feel free to contact us if this is your time to Start Living in Ukee!

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